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10.06.2022Developer "Stolitsa Nizhny" started construction of the business class residential complex "Delwig"
The company plans to complete the construction in the 3rd quarter of 2025.
19.05.2021Novaya Kuznechikha residential complex: what will be built here by 2030?
“Novaya Kuznechikha” is the largest development project in Nizhny Novgorod. The developer plans to implement it by the end of 2029.
27.04.2021The second stage of the residential complex “Novaya Kuznechikha” development has started
The developer is planning to build 16 houses of 10 and 25 floors high.
19.03.2021“Stolitsa Nizhny” reached the Top-50 developers in Russia by amount of residential construction
In 2020, the company built more than 113,000 square meters of housing and crossed the threshold of 100 houses built during the entire period of activity.
27.11.2020The sketch by Sergey Timofeev's studio will serve as a basis for the 2nd stage of the residential complex “Simfoniya Nizhnego” (“Symphony of Nizhny”)
An open competition for the best architectural concept of the second stage of the residential complex “Simfoniya Nizhnego” was held from October 12 to October 25, 2020.
23.11.2020Developer “Stolitsa Nizhny” will build a new residential complex “Doma na Kulture” (“Houses on Kultury St”) in Sormovsky district
The first house is planned to be put into operation in the 1st quarter of 2023.
02.10.2020“Stolitsa Nizhny” announces the start of sales of a new comfort class residential complex “Liner on Barminskaya St”
The planned date to put the building into operation is the second quarter of 2022.
22.07.2020Residential complex “Simfoniya Nizhnego” (“Symphony of Nizhny”) is completed
It is a business-class residential building with exceptional architecture, underground parking and a two-level shopping gallery.
30.06.2020Developer “Stolitsa Nizhny” will build 12 houses in the new comfort class residential complex “Tsvety 2” (“Flowers 2”)
Residential complex “Tsvety 2” is the second stage of the existing development of Residential Complex “Tsvety” in Nizhny Novgorod.
17.12.2018Faster, higher, and more reliable! “Stolitsa Nizhny” has finished construction of “Dom na Svobode”
All the works on the site are completed, and on December 12th, 2018 the “Dom na Svobode” was already approved for commissioning, ahead of schedule.
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