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Company Information

“Stolitsa Nizhny” Group is a real estate developer of residential, office and retail properties operating in Nizhny Novgorod. Since its founding in 2003 “Stolitsa Nizhny” Group has become a leading developer in Nizhny Novgorod region.

The company implements a full cycle of projects development including conception creation, construction and further property management.

The present portfolio of “Stolitsa Nizhny” Group includes large-scale commercial and residential projects.

The company's strategy is to take the lead in developing technologically complex properties of superior quality. “Stolitsa Nizhny” Group is driven by a highly experienced team of pioneering professionals who employ contemporary business approaches, follow world standards for architecture and construction quality, and respect natural and historic heritage of the environment.

In its long-term activity the company is guided by the task of economic and social growth, modernization of the city. “Stolitsa Nizhny” Group operates in accordance with municipal city-planning policy and is committed to preserve the city's cultural and natural resource. Each project of the company provides for integrated infrastructural planning. Therefore, the properties produced by “Stolitsa Nizhny” conform to the market demands and aesthetically fit into the historic and architectural landscape of the city.

The company plays an important social role in Nizhny Novgorod. Its projects provide jobs for thousands of people residing in Nizhny Novgorod and Nizhny Novgorod region. “Stolitsa Nizhny” collaborates with Russia's and world's biggest companies and thereby mobilizes investments into the city's economy. The company is a frequent initiator and organizer of many family-oriented cultural and educational activities as well as charity events.

“Stolitsa Nizhny” Group is striving to make Nizhny Novgorod a modern, beautiful and comfortable city. The company's mission is to elevate the quality of living for all the citizens through real estate development, and to turn the city into a world class metropolis.

Shopping and Entertainment Centers

In 2003 “Stolitsa Nizhny” Group was the first company to build a European standard shopping center in Nizhny Novgorod. Today, the company's portfolio includes five big shopping and entertainment centers which total area reached 388,000 sq meters. Shopping centers are market leaders in the region; every year nearly 30 million people visit them. Thanks to the company's efforts major international retailers and brands came to Nizhny Novgorod market. “Stolitsa Nizhny” Group was one of the first companies in Russia to create a full cultural and informational environment around its shopping centers.

Office Real Estate

In 2006, “Stolitsa Nizhny” Group built Nizhny Novgorod’s first class “A” business center, and created a separate management company, which to this day sets the standard of office real estate operation in the city. The portfolio of “Stolitsa Nizhny” has two business centers with a total area of 29,000 sq meters, including office building for the company belonging to “Rosatom” corporation.

Residential Real Estate

“Stolitsa Nizhny” Group was one of the first companies in Nizhny Novgorod which began constructing residential complexes and today has become a leader in this sphere with over 575,000 sq meters built in total.  The company creates from scratch all the engineering and social infrastructure of the residential complexes, develops the housing territory. The company came up to the city’s market with a unique proposal — apartments with ready-made home decoration. 

Sales Department
(Shopping Malls):

117 Maksima Gorkogo st., 603006, Nizhny Novgorod
Phone: +7 831 2 00 00 07 ext. 1112
Email: arenda@stnn.ru
Stolitsa Nizhny Realty
(Residential Real Estate):

117 Maksima Gorkogo st., 603006, Nizhny Novgorod
Тел.: +7 831 220 9020
Email: stn@stn52.ru
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