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Residential complex “Tsvety 2” (“Flowers 2”)

Full information about the residential complex, as well as the project documentation is available on the project’s official website: http://www.tsvetynn.ru/.

Residential complex “Tsvety 2” is the second stage of the existing development of Residential Complex “Tsvety” in Nizhny Novgorod.

The developer plans to construct 12 buildings with 17 and 25 floors, a kindergarten, a shopping center, and indoor parking.

Apartments in new buildings will be delivered with improved “comfort plus” finish: laminate floor in living rooms, ceramic granite in hallways and kitchens, tiles in bathrooms, eco-friendly fleece wallpaper on the walls, and stretch ceilings throughout the apartment.

The changes in design and finishing have affected not only the apartments but also the common areas. The design of the entry units shall include premium materials, stained glass windows and LED lighting so that the lobbies of the first floor will always be comfortable and bright. All entrances are as low as ground-level and convenient for the residents to carry strollers or suitcases.

The residential complex is located in the proximity of the Nizhny Novgorod’s favorite vacation spots - Schelokovsky Homestead and Botanical Garden. The territory of the district will be comfortable due to landscape design, thought over area improvement, children's and sports grounds.

“Tsvety 2” is remarkable for it’s existing social and retail infrastructure: two kindergartens, school, fitness center, hypermarket, cafes, stores and much more.

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