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“Sedmoye Nebo” Residential Complex
“Sedmoye Nebo” Residential Complex


In fall 2007 the company initiated construction of “Sedmoye Nebo” (“Seventh Heaven”) residential complex on a river Volga bank. Construction of the first stage of the complex, consisting of 18 17-floored residential buildings, was completed in July 2012. In the second phase of construction “Sedmoye Nebo” residential complex will include 10 more buildings: 6 of 17-floored buildings, 1 of 19-floored buildings, 2 of 23-floored buildings and one building of varied height - 5-7-9 -floored, which will be located along the Volga embankment. The total living area of the new district will be 100,000 sq.m. Construction of the first house in the second phase of construction was started in the 4th quarter of 2012. Completion of construction of the residential complex is planned for 2015.

In compliance with the standards of "Stiolitsa Nizhny" Group, the houses are constructed with use of the most up-to-date technology and materials. Each of the 2,300 apartments of "Sedmoye Nebo" residential complex is delivered on a turnkey basis.

The complex integrates important public and social facilities which are developed gradually in collaboration with the Administration of Nizhny Novgorod. These are 2 kindergartens for 450 children (225 each), sports grounds and playgrounds, a police post, auto roads with public transport routes, auto passages, a comfortable embankment and a recreational area.

"Sedmoye Nebo" residential complex also includes a shopping and recreation center with a total floor space of 60,813 sq m. It will house a DIY home improvement and construction hypermarket, a sports club with a swimming pool and gyms, a home appliances store, boutiques gallery, a billiards, a bowling, a children's entertainment center, restaurants and cafes. The car park will provide parking space for more than 2,000 cars; it will serve shopping center visitors in daytime, as well as the residents of "Sedmoye Nebo" residential complex at night.

"Sedmoye Nebo" residential complex fits well into "Mescherskoye Ozero" neighborhood. It facilitates the district development and increases city-wide geographical, social and cultural importance of the local area. "Stiolitsa Nizhny" Group created an affordable and quality accommodation in Nizhny Novgorod. The company has shaped a standard for municipal development, which is centered on quality of life.


In September 2011 "Stolitsa Nizhny" Group's project of "Sedmoye Nebo" residential complex was honored with a Second Class Diploma in the nomination of "Provision of the Development Project with public utilities and social infrastructure" of the Russia's contest of "Complex Development of Territories" projects.

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